Tanya Becker, Physique 57

Meet co-founder of Physique 57, Tanya Becker!She’s savvy, real, and successful on her own terms.

I’m excited to share with you my TPC interview with Physique 57 co-founder Tanya Becker. Through Physique 57, Tanya has transformed the lives of women everywhere, including Kelly Ripa.

Kristi: Tell us about Physique 57’s niche, how you got started, and why it is successful.

Tanya Becker: Our client is results oriented and wants a fun, challenging workout. I started out as a jazz dancer and choreographer and really wanted to take what I learned as a dancer and apply it to fitness, in particular the principles of the Lotte Berk method. Why is Physique 57 so successful? Results. Efficiency. Never boring.

K: Do you have key “influencers” (role models) in your life who helped you on your life/career path? Who were they?

TB: Luigi, a renowned jazz teacher, was my instructor for most of my life. He recovered from a terrible car accident and used his injuries to create a beautiful jazz technique that I practiced growing up. He taught me to to feel from the inside and choreograph for the music.

K: Did you have a “big break” in your career?

TB: My big break was when I met my business partner and co-founder of Physique 57, Jennifer Vaughan Maanavi. Her business acumen, attention to detail, and knowledge of modern business practices is incredible. She never rests on our past successes and is always looking to grow. She has inspired me to do the same in every aspect of my life.

K: What personality traits do you have that have helped you succeed in business? And, what do you know now that it takes to be successful?

TB: Thomas Edison once said “Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls, and looks like work.” I think you need to be willing to work really hard for what you want. Life experience has also been my greatest teacher. I had several jobs through the years in various industries which taught me how businesses operated so when it came time to open a fitness studio I had a good foundation.

K: What keeps you awake at night?

TB: My three babies: Physique 57 and the twins in my belly!

K: Now a few “Best” questions:

K: Best life advice for 20- or 30-something women:
TB: I really believe that in your 20s and 30s it’s all about discovering your talent and strengths. Lay the groundwork by honing your craft so you can be the best at what you want to do.

K: Best spiritual motivator:
TB: The golden rule: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

K: Best beauty tip for savvy young women:
TB: Make exercise a part of your life now. You’ll age more gracefully.

K: Favorite form of exercise:
TB: Physique 57!

K: Best fitness tip for all women:
TB: Don’t be afraid of strength training and using heavier weights.

K: Final advice:

TB: What I’ve learned most recently is that you need to be present and in the moment. Don’t rush through anything and take in the little things. Happiness doesn’t lie in the next step, it lies in the moment.

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